The Brilliance of Isamu Noguchi

noguchi table

Isamu Noguchi was a Japanese American artist, landscape architect and interior designer whose works remain among the most striking, iconic and influential examples of Mid-Century Modern interior design. Born in 1904, Noguchi began his career in the 1920′s, and worked steadily until his death in 1988… a period of over 60 years.

Noguchi’s background in sculpture and landscape architecture imbued his interior design work with strong elements of the natural world. He was an influential figure in an emerging artistic and architectural movement of the 1930′s known as Biomorphism, which finds inspiration for artistic and functional objects in naturally occurring patterns and the morphology of living organisms. At a time when much of modern architecture and interior design featured mostly hard angles and tight geometries, Isamu Noguchi’s sculptures and furniture more often employed soft edges, delicate curves and gently sloping forms.

This revolutionary design ethos is perhaps best exemplified in his iconic Noguchi Table, which features a round-edged triangular glass top perched upon two identical interlocking curved forms that serve as a base. Originally designed for Herman Miller in 1947, the Noguchi Table has been such a wild success that original 1947 tables in Cherry are rare and highly-prized among collectors, and sell for tens of thousands at high-end auctions. Luckily, the popularity of the design is such that countless reproductions are still being manufactured today, and are affordable for virtually any household.

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