White leather Eames Lounge Chair

3001-1&T White WALNUT

With summer at our doorstep, the warm weather is finally here to stay for the next three months. It is time to open our windows and bring in fresh air, as well as bright beginnings. Of course this can all begin with a white leather chair and two savvy architects named Charles and Ray Eames. Although normally seen in black leather, the Eames Lounge Chair is also available in white leather, a color suitable for the summer days to come. The color white symbolizes ‘wiping the slate’ and ‘a blank canvas waiting to be written upon’. As we let the negative energy from the cold rainy days leave our door, light up the room with a brighter color palette allowing order, openness, and creativity to fill up the room. A white leather Eames lounge chair will complement any space with modern and trendy. Just make sure you don’t spill your coffee on it.

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