Isamu Noguchi coffee table

isamu_noguchi_bauhaus_design_furniture_noguchi_coffee_table_design_classic Isamu Noguchi Table for Herman Miller-001mesa-de-cafe-isamu-noguchi_2

Furniture is an amalgamation of form and function: architecture at a smaller scale. When you first lay eyes upon the Isamu Noguchi coffee table, you see a simple glass top resting upon two boomerang-like masses of wood. But as you keep looking, you notice more than that. The two interlocking wood pieces gently rest atop another at a point; a point much too small for the amount of weight the thick glass top carries itself.  You then notice that the wooden pieces are quite thin; too thin to be able to stand straight up by itself,  like trying to get your iphone to stand on its side. You take another look and notice this time that the sun is shining through the window, casting a shadow of the table onto the ground, creating an illusion of two tables. The point at which the two wooden pieces meet creates an illusion of half the table as an individual table, flipped around and upside down.  A minimal design featuring much more than meets the eye, Noguchi’s use of illusion, balance, and craft truly creates a coffee table in perfect harmony.

ps: Did you notice the use of 3′s? A triangular glass top, triangular leg stands, 3 points of intersection, and also 3 total pieces of assembly. Neat huh.

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