Chairs for Dads


What used to be a holiday of simple DIY projects, has become like many other American holidays, a day to buy the best of the best for the man who raised you. On your father’s special day you want to be original and show him you put a lot of thought and effort into his gift. What is more original than a brand new modern chair from  To make it easier, we classified our chairs by the different types of dad according to

Classic Dad

Part of being a good father is making the right decisions and sticking with them. Your dad developed his tastes well before you were born and is still sticking with them today. He doesn’t waver with changing styles or times and remains loyal to what’s served him well for decades. He’s a classic dad, and once you know what he likes, he’s pretty easy to shop for.


Dapper Dad

Is your dad the first guy you ask when you’re trying to figure out what to wear for a formal occasion? Do you notice your dad’s colleagues nervously adjusting their ties and hand-brushing the wrinkles out of their suits after eyeing your dad walk in the room? Your dad is a dapper dad; a man that always looks the part, from hairline to wingtips, no matter what the scenario. Don’t insult him with an ugly tie he’ll never wear; get him something that’s as fashionable as he is.

A good chair for this type of dad:

Show off your sense of style with this elegantly designed side or reception chair. The contemporary styling of the chair provides a dramatic statement to your space. The inset stitching and high wood legs will appeal to everyone in every setting.

The Handy Dad

Your dad is a DIYer from an era when men prided themselves on being the ultimate engineers of their homes. He’s never met a problem he hasn’t been willing to take on himself, and he’s a tireless tinkerer, builds beautiful things from raw wood, effortlessly connects wires to modernize the home, and will travel far and wide to get just the right tool or part. He has no use for a tie or cufflinks, so get him something that he’ll use regularly while wandering the backyard, garage or house looking for that next great project.

A good chair for this type of dad:

The aesthetic integrity, enduring charm, and comfort of these plywood “potato chip” chairs earned recognition from Time magazine as The Best Design of the 20th Century. Time called the design “something elegant, light and comfortable. Much copied but never bettered.” Molding thin sheets of lightweight veneer into gently curved shapes gives the durable material a soft, inviting appearance. The chairs work just about anywhere—from homes and offices to schools and public areas.

Sophisticated Dad

Like a sort of domesticated James Bond, your dad has impeccable taste that cannot be confined to any single genre. He looks good, drives a perfectly washed-and-buffed luxury car, enjoys only the choicest single malts or cigars and always seems to have just the right gadget to make life easier. Because of all that, it’s extremely difficult to shop for the sophisticated dad. Complement his impressive stockpile of material goods with something equally impressive.

A good chair for this type of dad:

The Bubble chair is suspended from the ceiling, this chair is simply out of sight, thanks in large part to its transparent acrylic sphere that gives it its name. After the designed created the ball chair he wanted to have light inside it and so he had the idea of a transparent ball where light comes from all directions. The only suitable material is acrylic which is heated and blown into shape like a soap bubble.

Tech Dad

A tech dad is easy to spot. He texts and browses with the latest smartphone, keeps his computer running smoothly with all the latest software updates and won’t be caught dead watching Game of Thrones on anything less than the best-reviewed HDTV and programming device. It can be difficult to buy gifts for a tech dad, as he often buys tech gadgets before tech journalists even know they’re out there. Choose wisely and get him a gift that feeds his tech addiction.

A good chair for this type of dad:

From LIVE/WORK/PLAY, and exclusively at Manhattan Home Design the new Ergo-Lounge laptop workstation. Designed by Manuel Saez & Partners for Live Work & Play brand The Ergo-Lounge is a modern lounge chair and ottoman with an ergonomically designed laptop computer support, featuring the new generation of comfort and practical features for people that work at home.

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