The womb chair is considered among the ten best mid-century modern furniture designs. Chairs from this era were known for their form, function and flamboyance. Being a great deal more comfortable than their Bauhaus modern predecessors, as they were essentially created for “lounging” — a new activity for the 1950′s. This chair became so popular, it was featured in a Norman Rockwell painting in 1959 and featured on the Saturday Evening Post called Sunday Morning.

While working for Knoll & Associates, Eero Saarinen was asked by Florence Knoll to design a chair she could curl up in, and in 1946 the Womb Chair was born. It is created from a single-piece form that mimics a relaxed sitting position. It is the most comfortable chair I have sat in, and it looks amazing in every interior. It anchors a room in any color, and looks just as modern today as it did in 1946. The Womb Chair continues to be one of the most iconic and recognized examples of mid-century design. While some chairs may be available on Craigslist as “vintage” peices, our reproduction is true to the original in every way and is an exact replica of Saarinen’s design.

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