What Is Aniline Leather?


Many consumers have likely been given the option of upgrading from standard leather to Aniline leather, but they may not know the difference. Simply put, Aniline leather is leather that has been treated with only transparent dyes and polishes, allowing the natural grain of the animal hide to show through. This may not sound impressive, but let’s consider the alternative. Non-Aniline leather is usually treated with opaque paints and insoluble pigments, sometimes resulting in a thick, plastic-y coating and embossed with an artificial grain pattern. Often, the difference between Aniline leather and non-Aniline leather represents the difference between using high-quality Top-Grain leather and durable but less luxurious Split-Grain leather. Top-Grain leather is made from the top layer of animal hide, while Split-Grain is made from the thicker under-layers. While high-quality products can be made with Split-Grain leather, they usually lack the sumptuousness of the prime cut.

The next time you’re shopping for high-quality leather products, keep this important difference in mind.

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